My Complementary Therapy

Bethan O. Jones Bach Flower Practitioner

Bethan O. Jones Bach Flower Practitioner

Bethan O. Jones BFRP. RNMH (dip)

My background has been in Mental Health Nursing since 1995. I specialised in older adults(EMI) and also substance misuse field for past 12 years. Both these specialities have enabled me to gain experience in physical, emotional, social and cultural issues. I have a certificate in counselling and experience in relapse prevention work.

I qualified as a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner (BFRP) in March 2011 after being a student of the Bach foundation and having completed all aspects of the three part programme

I have been interested in Complementary Therapies for most of my life – always being drawn to the most natural and pure approach. The Bach remedies restore balance to promote well-being without causing any side-effects or contra-indications with any other medication.

The Bach system is a simple, gentle holistic approach to balance physical, emotional and spiritually. Research has shown the links between the immune system and our emotions and supports the view that these need to be in balance to maintain good health.

My role as a practitioner is to teach and facilitate the client to recognise their symptoms and to empower them to eventually treat themselves with appropriate remedies with the aim to “get them back to their old self”. The remedies are completely safe and can be used by adults, children, babies, plants and animals.

Examples of issues which benefit from the use of the Back Flower Remedies:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Loss of Confidence
  • Sleeplessness/nightmares
  • Menopausal flushes
  • Grief
  • Lack of energy/exhaustion
  • Constant worrying thoughts
  • Coping with stress/new situations