Bach Flower Remedy Practitoner

Welcome to my Bach Flower Remedy Web-site.


This is my opportunity to share my passion for a brilliant Complementary Therapy namely Dr Bach Flower Remedies. I am exited to be offering this within my borough of Caerphilly (my home town being Blackwood).

I am also able to offer this service outside the Caerphilly borough via Telephone Consultation or a willingness to travel to see me. At present i am the only Practitioner for the Bach Flower Remedies in the borough of Caerphilly.

I hope after browsing through my website you will be inspired to try for yourself this natural and effective treatment, with the aim to restore balance physically, emotionally and spiritually with no fear of contraindications or side effects.

My passion is for caring for people of all ages to help them back to a good state of health in order to enjoy life to the best of their ability.